For years I’ve carried around an old, refurbished Nikon D3000.


I have no formal education in photography, know very little about camera models or lenses, and understand close to nothing about the physics of light. My camera and I have history. I made a lot of mistakes along the way and still have a hard time adjusting to new equipment. The lens I use was a $25 find from a local vintage shop. Even though a manual focus is more difficult to adjust to I guess I just connected with it. There is something very personal about a shallow depth of field. And that’s what photography is to me – a personal connection.


Many of my shoots are with individuals who are typically uncomfortable in front of a camera. And I completely relate. One of the reasons I became a photographer was to avoid being photographed. I guess you could say I think outside of the box. And the frame…

I exclusively shoot candid. I just have a conversation, move where I need to be, and capture personality and mood through lighting and your natural body language. No flash, no equipment, no pressure. I even do minimal editing. My goal is to capture the perfect moment in person not create one after the fact.





Southern Crafter
Artist in Polka Dots
Red As A Wolf
Portrait of a Volunteer
Portrait of a Baker and Andrew
Artist in Sunlight
Crafter with Coffee
Portrait of Wolf