Love receiving snail mail? Me too. Know what’s better? Sending some!

Sign up to receive a monthly subscription of handmade greeting cards, stationery sets, and more! Whatever your needs, big or small, have everything you need on hand to #sendmorelove. No more running out last minute or going all the way into town for that card you probably needed to send last week! Choose from a variety of options that best fit your needs to get started.

Mystery Pack

$3 / month

Treat yourself to your very own happy mail with this cute handmade surprise! It’s okay to not want to share after all. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. Receive special creations like wax seal sets, mini junk journals, origami wallets, pressed flowers, bookmarks, recipe cards, and so much more! Not all of these items will be available for purchase but if you find something you love and want more – just reach out!

Greeting Card

$5 / month

We all have birthdays to celebrate, weddings to attend, and holidays to connect over. Each month get a greeting card to send to your friends and family! Nothing says ‘thanks’ like a handmade card. Throughout the year I am sure to include one of every type of greeting you may need on hand. Each holiday’s message will get to you in time to in turn write a lovely letter and get to your most important companions before the big day! As always, cards can have any greeting you desire so if there is a special occasion or inside joke you’d like to see on your subscription just reach out!

Pen Pal Edition

$10 / month

Can’t decide what to choose? Who says you can’t have your crafts and send them too – get it all! Receive the month’s greeting card as well as a three piece stationery set to write those longer letters. Plus, this package comes with a bonus gift every month (think bookmarks, garland, and stickers!). Win-win-win.

Prolific Bundle

$20 / month

Double it all! That means two sets of stationery or 6 pieces altogether, two sets of crafts, AND two bonus surprises! That’s a whole lot of handmade.

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