Love receiving snail mail? Me too.

Just like Christmas joy the best way to find is to give! Sign up to get a handmade package every month with the materials you need to #sendmorelove. Choose from a variety of options that best fit your needs to get started.

Greeting Card

We all have birthdays to celebrate, weddings to attend, and holidays to connect over. Each month get a greeting card to send to your friends and family! Nothing says ‘thanks’ like a handmade card.

Stationery Set

Do you love not just getting snail mail but sending it too? Join the club! I’ve got just the thing for you. Can you guess what it is? Yup, a handmade 3-piece stationery set – your pen pals will love them (and so will you)!

Pen Pal Edition

Can’t decide what to choose? Who says you can’t have your crafts and send them too – get both! Plus, this package comes with a bonus gift every month (think bookmarks, garland, and stickers!). Win-win-win.

Prolific Bundle

Double it all! That means two sets of stationery or 6 pieces altogether, two sets of crafts, AND two bonus surprises! That’s a whole lot of handmade.

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