What a time to be alive, eh? This extended time at home has opened my eyes in a lot of ways. As I’m sure it has with you as well.

Spring has bloomed all around me but each flower is capturing my interest much more than I feel it would have without the pandemic. The knowledge that this will pass in time is all around me. The world has seen many viruses and tragedies. Yet there are still irises, dandelions, frolicking bunnies, chirpring birds, and bountiful life outside.

Each morning walk I take with my dog I pass some of the same plants and see their personal transformation. Where one flower is blooming there is another three feet away that is already wilting. All of us are in different stages in life even under similar circumstances. I’ve been holding on to this for the last few weeks and will continue to as we move forward in to an uncertain summer.

This month’s package is the second, complimentary half to the phrase ‘April showers bring May flowers’. There are bright and soft tangerine orange colors in this greeting card as well as the silhouette of a butterfly. The envelope it comes with is handmade and therefore lacks the typical adhesive required to self-seal. To substitute, I’ve added a label sticker embellished with a copper sprig to close your snail mail.

The bright pink butterfly stationery sets will also hopefully add some cheer to your day! These were all hand embossed with blush pink pearl and a drawn white circle to decorate the delivery address. Whether these are used for Mother’s Day or just to reach out to a friend those personal touches will go that much further! Especially in this time where ‘personal’ has become quite distant.

May you all stay safe and just sane enough to see this thing through! In the meantime, I’ll be sending more love with some of these handwritten letters.

All the best,