Halfway through 2020 and it is already a different world than when the year started.

Not only is the world changing, so is my business, and myself. This website is now officially the source of Handmade by Vi subscriptions! Patreon packages will no longer ship and the page will close at the end of this month. In an effort to grow I now also have individual product for sale for this first time ever online! Feel free to visit the shop and browse.

Product is limited but new listings are going up every week so check back in often! Most items are be made to order so please take in to consideration the extra time it will take before shipping. As well, this is a handmade business after all so not every card is going to look exactly like the featured image. That’s a part of the charm!

Once there are no more materials to recreate a card it is then ‘Out of Stock’ until another listing with updated materials is posted. This is likely to occur quite often given the nature of how I craft. Every design is made in small batches with recycled materials.

With this launch I’ve faced some very personal fears and overcome a wall of uncertainty. It is so easy to fall down and stay down with the mindset that you can’t do enough or be enough. Lately though I’ve realized that the gift we’ve been given is to try anyways! So that is what I will keep doing – showing up and doing my best not just today but every day.

Here is to a better tomorrow,