What a summer start. The heat is here, my lilies are blooming, and all things beach are coming your way!

Starting today gift tag stickers are now launched and available for purchase. I’ve got fish, I’ve got shells, I’ve got sun! Four colors are featured this season as well – Stone, Sunflower, Melon, and Ocean*. All stickers have a watermark design to enhance these colors without disrupting the space available.

*A white gel pen is recommended before purchasing. Black ink will not appear well on this color choice.

Out of all of these adorable gift tags the Fish Seas on Stone is what all subscribers will see featured in their packages this month.

For stationery receivers I have to say July’s set immediately got me in the mood for a quick ocean (or lake) trip! The nautical knot design was embossed in a silver pearl powder and on that sky blue background I could just smell the sunscreen already.

Featured in the photo above of course is this month’s greeting card. What a heart melter right? A lot of us have been reaching out to our friends and loved ones in quarantine lately. But thinking about who I’ve been ‘stuck’ inside with inspired me most. For myself, it’s been vitally important to celebrate my husband. This design is a true reflection of how grateful I am for him and the time we’ve shared at home.

All the best to you and the anchors in your life,
– Vi