handmade by vi

( support a small business )

Handmade by Vi is so small in fact it is a one woman show. Based out of her home in North Carolina, Victoria creates, ships, photographs, inventories, copywrites, and shares all things handmade by her.

( sustainable practices )

Supplies are sourced from thrifted material from The Scrap Exchange, another local business to NC dedicated to community growth and green solutions.

No physical location means no commuting back and forth every day. And with no employees or manufacturers that means there is a dramatically reduced carbon footprint compared to big box shops and specialty stores.

Limited packaging leads to fewer wasted resources. While zero plastic is the goal what is currently used is all recycled from saved materials.

( send more love )

All Handmade by Vi orders and subscriptions are sent through the USPS. Since every item is crafted by hand small imperfections should be expected (and celebrated!).