handmade by me

Hey there!

Victoria here or Vi for short (pronounced ‘vee’). Born and raised in North Carolina I have been obsessed with paper my entire life. It is honestly terrifying to look back and remember how scissor happy I always was collaging every magazine in sight! Not that much has changed of course but over the years this passion has progressed and transformed to become the craft menagerie I have today!

There aren’t many activities involving paper I haven’t already tried. Origami, scrapbooking, bullet journaling, greeting cards, envelopes, ephemera, quilling, paper beads, sticker making, handmade papers, bookmarks, notebooks, address labels, affirmation cards – the list is almost endless!

I was lucky enough to find a partner in crime who has a bit of a flair for creating himself, Ty, who has only ever encouraged to me to follow my dreams. Even if those visions end up resulting in a whirlwind of tiny, delicate butterflies and piles (okay, mountains) of stamps and adhesives.

We enjoy the company of our two fur kids. Alice, a nine pound tortoiseshell monarch, rules over her kingdom with eloquence and the occasional ferocious need for attention. Meanwhile Oz spends his days happily napping unless the dire need to protect our home from snakes occurs. Which he does quite well as his German Shephard and APBT genetics demand.

Between friends, family, our home, and all of its inhabitants there are often more unfinished projects than complete ones. I have yet to determine if I thrive on organized chaos or if it drives me crazy! Either way it’s the days filled with inspiration and purpose that keep me going. Nothing brings me more joy than putting together a thoughtful, handmade gift to let them know they are loved.