Hand Lettering

From signs to invitations I love adding a custom touch to any project.


I have a variety of fonts to choose from but most prefer script. Now, this isn’t calligraphy. It’s just me and and my pen. No fancy ink, cartridge, or nib. This makes it less stressful for me, less expensive for you, and what I like to a call a more ‘honest’ look to my work. Calligraphy is high-end. It’s a painting. Where as handlettering is my penmanship – full of personality and ‘flavor’. Because of this I can cover more materials than I could with calligraphy.


Chalkboard signs big and small. Windows or mirrors. I can write on anything. For business or gifts to a friend I love to tackle any

Addressing envelopes for an event is probably what I do most often though. Just reach out if you have a project for me in mind. We’ll go over how many, what colors, and even the style you’re going after.


I have a typewriter too.


Given the nature of typewriters – I can’t promise everything will be perfect. Even loading paper can be imprecise. That’s the beauty of using a typewriter. It has so much personality! But I will do what I can to make sure the whole piece is wonderful. I have a pretty low tolerance for smudges and typos.


Letters aren’t your only option either. I can do place cards, envelopes, or even just a cute haiku on a card. Imagination is our only limitation! That and what will fit through the limited space available on a typewriter.

One of my most popular items is a typewritten love letter. Doesn’t that just sound so precious? Just send me what you’d like to say. I’ll proof it (and recommend some edits if you’d like) and type it right up.