Unique and Hand Made


I’ve spent years design and reiterating my own packaging process. And I’ve done it for others. If you have an upcoming project that requires a paper process I’d love to assist. Whether it is wrapping up and sending off your latest album, creating a one-of-a-kind business card that reflects your business, or coming up with a new way to display a menu at your event there is a perfect solution that we can find together.


My style includes reducing and reusing as much as possible. Not only do I have plenty of supplies of my own that you can choose from I can also hunt local thrift stores and The Scrap Exchange in Durham for just the right material. If watching your waste is a priority than you’ve come to the right person!

All projects are different. But I can promise a fair price for my time and your materials. This is a labor of love for me and the real value lies in creating something I can be proud of. This is my art and this is my name. I won’t give you any less than everything I can.



Business Cards

Thank You Notes




Feel free to reach out!


Whatever your paper challenge is go ahead I would love to help. Even if it is as straightforward as a gift wrap! Send me a direct message on instagram (@handmadebyvi) if you see something that inspires you. Or subscribe to my Patreon where I create monthly packages for my patrons. All who back me are welcome to send me a custom request to replace their standard delivery! You can also sign up for my Get Custom package if you anticipate a large project. This will serve as a way to pay installments for a bigger service.


My collection of supplies has grown quite vast but if there is ever something that needs to be purchased to complete your project I do charge for the cost of the items and the time it took to acquire them. I will not mark up those items and will provide receipts for you.

If you are a Patreon subscriber you are also always welcome to reach out and ask for advice – it is included in your support! I love to encourage others to be crafty and am happy to add my two cents to your project if you would like it!


Wax Seals. Coming Soon…


My fervor for watching wax seal videos online has grown to what is now a small collection. I have limited styles and colors at the moment but am looking forward to releasing wax seals as a product. They are already, of course, available for custom packaging orders. In time, I will be including a library here of options available and a gallery of finished products that include this beautiful detail in them!

I can currently indulge that I have a number of floral designs which are perfect weddings or wrapping all natural products. I don’t have a way to create custom designs but can order one for a business or individual looking to use a specific logo or monogram. You will receive your seal at the end of your order to reuse again for future purchases.

The ‘Clear’ color is always available for any custom package or order. This is my recommended color for any pressed objects such as flowers, ribbon, or any other ephemera. I do also have a blank, round seal for these as well. Please let me know if you have any questions! Photos will be uploaded in the coming weeks.