Ahoy there mateys!

Okay, okay that was a bit cheesy even for me. But I’ve been dreaming of the seas lately and the ocean is on my mind. This month though I combined those two concepts: dreaming and sailing.

It all started when inspiration struck and I wanted to create a ship-in-a-bottle greeting card for a friend. So I was on the hunt for a ship stamp to complete this task when I found a lovely set of vintage stickers that were just that. Copywritten in 1986 I just had to grab them and use them for this month’s greeting card!

Now, ships may not make most people think of space but lets just say I’m not most people. There is an episode of Star Trek: Next Gen that features Geordie wondering over how such a beautiful and complex construction like a sailing boat ever existed. The contrast being that his character and all the others were moving through deep space on an equally amazing ship of a very different design. Thus my space stationery was born!

And to top it all off I found an adorable wax seal head with a whale flying through the cosmos – how fitting right? So this month’s accoutrement is a precious little magnet that has been hand embellished by yours truly. I hope each of these items can spread a little wonder and hope for a future much like the one featured in Star Trek!

All the best,